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Be the face of corporate America.


Many of our models film for our clients every week at our studio. Earn money while building your portfolio.

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Companies need video spokespeople for advertising, product demos, and compliance & training videos. North Carolina has become the Hollywood of business videography.



If you are invited in for a short video trial, you will receive $30 on the spot. And we'll send you an edited, broadcast-ready clip for your portfolio.

Video Production
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Any of our 600 corporate clients in 42 countries - on 6 continents - may select you from our video portfolio. 






Corporate Modeling


Submit a recent photo or video clip through our confidential submission form below. If you are selected, we will contact you immediately.

Corporate Modeling Agency Focusing on Business Video Content

Magazine advertising revenue has fallen nearly 50% in the ten years from 2007 to 2017. In the same period, online advertising has increased by more than 500%. Instead of requiring still-image photography from millionaire supermodels, the industry demands tens of thousands of real people for online advertisements, social media ads, influencer marketing, click funnels and video email campaigns. Corporate Modeling has been in the forefront of this move into commercial videography.

Real People Modeling

We use state-of-the-art equipment and an advanced camera studio to create beautiful films using ordinary people. Our models come from every age and demographic, and they don't all "look like models." Video spokesmodels are chosen - project-by-project - for their appeal to the product or service's target audience, be it a demographic age range, a particular ethnic market, or a specific psychographic. 

Corporate Modeling is recognized as the premiere leader in the modeling industry in North Carolina

We provide professional corporate models to over 400 companies spread in 42 countries spanning 6 continents. Our corporate models have been featured in some of the world’s top selling brands and have become household names in the modeling industry. We have established a high end clientele list for our corporate models who act as spokespeople for the very top organizations. Our models also feature in some of the leading magazines, commercials, television ads, photoshoots, and in videography. We have a dedicated studio in North Carolina where most of our corporate models film for our clients with very competent hair and makeup artists. Corporate Modeling acknowledges the value of the excellent relationships developed with many national, international clients and agencies. This is what makes us the Hollywood of business videography and you can be sure of success by associating with us. At Corporate Modeling, our passion is to provide a professional online platform, where all new and professional participants in the modeling industry are connected.

Future Modeling and Strategic Planning; Forecast for Business Modeling

Our corporate modeling agency is the new way of connecting top level professional models with enterprises across the US, Canada and the entire world. Our corporate models are some of the best and most successful in the business and have become some of the most sought in North Carolina. We have nurtured and developed our reputation by creating excellent relationships between clients, models, national, and international agencies and organizations.. We know that companies need video spokespeople for advertising, product demos, and compliance and training videos. Our corporate models are selected through a rigorous process, trained on how to be corporate models and to ensure that only the most qualified models are contracted and are featured to grace the covers of many local, national and international magazines, bookings for advertisements, television and photo shoot for designers, videography, and on commercials for different products. Our experienced staff undertakes every booking opportunity with the highest level of knowledge, professionalism and respect. This exemplary service along with high quality talent remains the trademark of Corporate Modeling. Business forecasts across every industrial group call for increased employment of video assets in the future, so forward-thinking professionals are planning strategically with an eye toward growth. 


We have our booking team in place 24/7 to make sure that all incoming orders are responded to and to service our international markets across varying time zones. We also have our models ready and available for direct bookings and for travel at short notice. To be considered as a corporate model with the Corporate Modeling agency, kindly submit a recent photo or video clip through our confidential submission form below. Once we receive your photos or videos we review them and if you are selected, we will contact you immediately. We then make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you start off on your journey to become a professional model with Corporate Modeling.

Fashion is the obvious niche for modeling agencies, but as a corporate modeling agency, we are focused on business communications, of which fashion is a minor part. In fact, less than 1% of our clientele are enterprises in the fashion or clothing categories. Technology, medicine, crowd funding, nonprofits, new product launches, supplements, business services providers, overseas manufacturers, and home service professionals make up the majority of our target business portfolio. Every enterprise engaged in futurecasting recognizes the trends toward growth in video-based corporate communications content.


 Every quadrant of corporate performance is affected by disparate elements of strategic communications. Several changes have recalibrated business planning for companies across a wide range of verticals, and this process is accelerating. In the future, these trends will continue. First, consumers are becoming more resistant to print advertising, direct mail and abstract representations in media placements. Strategic business plans call for a focus on new strategies for reaching markets today, including social media, influencer marketing, and recalculations across a range of business activities. Projects involving new media are in the ascendancy; a return to old media is an unprofitable scenario. Event marketing allows companies to manage consumer experiences while capturing operational data. Strategic social media engagement targets consumers on a granular level. Managerial excellent means corporate modeling becomes a business need.  Corporate Modeling utilizes a meticulous online booking system that offers our clients with an instant personalized package of talent specifically requested by our clients that matches their needs and eliminates the need to search the entire site. This online talent package can then be forwarded onto all the decision makers within seconds.

Financial ​Advantage and Worldwide Exposure

Once we contact you, you can be invited for a short video trial at our studio where we prepare you and train you on your area of interest. Our professional staff will be of service to you in the most polite and welcoming manner and will look in to all your requirements. You will be provided with the services of our hair and makeup artists to make sure that you are stunning for the video trial. Once you are done with the short video trial, you will receive $30 on the spot. (Typically in the modeling industry, agencies do not finance the tryouts; we do.) Later, we will send you an edited, broadcast-ready clip for your portfolio. This can is the start to a prosperous career in corporate modelling.

Corporate Modeling connects our selected professional models to a long list of our 600 corporate clients in 42 counties spanning 6 continents. You will be representing some of the best known brands in consumer produces, business services, technology, finance and the non-profit sector. The clients have their choice from our video portfolio and this is where you can be selected. Our clients are from different fields such as publications, magazines, television, photo shoots, run ways, spokespeople, and videography. Once you are selected, you have the opportunity to be exposed in countless avenues and this will help to boost your profiles and definitely – your earnings! Corporate Modeling is committed to provide our models with all the right resources to succeed. We have our dedicated studio where we provide hair and makeup artists who have the goal of making you the face of America and the world! With Corporate Modeling, you can be sure of success in your career. Companies across the globe are planning to increase future growth across social media platforms, and your strategy should be to leverage this trends going forward.

Recurring Modeling and Financial Benefits

We  endeavor to have our professional models form lasting relationships with their clients. This helps in providing continued promotion of a client’s marketing needs while the model continues building their portfolio and earning money. We facilitate most of our models to film for our clients every week at our studio in R.T.P. Corporate Modeling has an ever-growing list of repeat clients, and we treat all our customers with the same high level of professionalism and enthusiasm, no matter how small or big they are. Whether a client is in the television industry and requires a top level host for a TV show, we will provide a perfect match according to their requirements. Clients from local, national and international magazines will also be matched with models who will propel them to the very top.

Corporate Modeling
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